How to Play Adventures in Wonderland

            Welcome to the Adventures in Wonderland how to play menu. You will need to help clean up Wonderland within these three levels; Outside Wonders, Garden Disposal, andSpit-SpotCastle. Hurry before the Red Queen completely pollutes Wonderland.

            Within level one, Outside Wonders, you will need to pick up all the trash (points) the Red Queen has left behind outside. You will have 3 lives but you must beware of the Red Queens’s minions (enemies). Some of the enemies are slow but the others are really fast so you need to be careful.  You must also collect all the points otherwise the goal box will not be activated. The goal box is a gold-colored box that is basically the finish line but you must have all points to activate it. You will also be timed for one minute so if you do not have all points collected or gone though the goal box then you will automatically lose. Good luck with this mission.

                Within level two, Garden Disposal, you will have to collect all the trash (points) throughout Wonderland’s gardens. The Red Queen has had some tricky business and turned the garden into a maze. Beware of the minions (enemies) hidden within the maze. In order to win the game is that you have to collect the all points to activate the goal box. Try not to get hurt by the minions so much because you only have 3 lives in this level. Also be sure to collect all points and go through the goal box before you one minute runs out. Help clean up Wonderlands garden to save it from pollution.

             Within the final level,Spit-SpotCastle, you will need to collect all the trash (points) within the Red Queen’s castle. The Red Queen’s minions (enemies) will be all around the castle so be sure not to get in there way or you will lose your three lives. There are a lot of points and very little times o be sure to collect all of them and go through the goal box before time is out. When you beat this level the Red Queen will no longer be tying to pollute Wonderland and it will be saved. Help us keep Wonderland from polluting.

            Therefore, within these levels; Outside Wonders, Garden Disposal, and Spit-SpotCastle, you will need to help clean up. Keeping Wonderland in good shape will help to keep it from being destroyed. Thank you for visiting the Adventures in Wonderland’s how to play menu.